Cookie Friday!

As many of you know, Treat Bake Shop makes a line of spiced and candied nuts that we sell to cheese stores and specialty grocers around the country.

And I have to say, we have a pretty sweet job. But we also *really* love to bake! So we’ve decided to launch something new: Cookie Friday!

Every Friday we'll be switching gears, firing up the ovens, and baking (what I hope you think are) some of the best cookies you've ever tasted.

Our goal is not to crank out a large volume, or selection, of ho-hum cookies.

Instead, we’re dusting off the recipes Sarah has been collecting for years, painstakingly sourcing the best ingredients we can find, and working to perfect a handful of stellar cookies.

Because, well, it’s fun. :-)

Hours: Every Friday, 10am - 3pm (or until we sell out)

Location: 207 E Buffalo, Suite 212 in Milwaukee's Third Ward

For flavor updates, be sure to follow us on Twitter @treatMKE